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Readers Write: Trump’s rise in polls is bad news

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Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2016 11:20 am

I must confess that I am terrified by the apparent rise in Trump’s rise in the polls as we get closer to Nov. 8. 

As the most reasonable, respected groups in this country observe his shameless dishonesty, his conviction that he alone knows better than anyone else alive to make decisions and plans, his propensity to spend many years questioning the president’s citizenship, his accusations that many segments of our society are worthless, his proven ignorance of the complexity of the world and the challenges that any leader of our country is faced with, his documented record of dishonest dealings in many areas of his long business life, his lack of compassion, his exaggeration of the dangers that we face and promotion of violent solutions because he lacks the patience or dignity to consider alternatives, his constant insinuations that everyone is “rigging” any system that could limit his ability to act as he pleases, his last-minute ill-considered grandiose proposals that lack reasonable economic sense, and, topped off by succumbing to the nonsense of praise from a dictator, and on and on.

I leave it to all the troubled and impatient of my readers to add whatever more they have noticed. 

The time for amusement has passed.  

And to add to the parade, the masters of manipulation who have joined him, some of the most despicable and/or spineless actors in public life; I hope that we will come to our senses, and understand what is ahead if unchecked.

Esther Confino

New Hyde Park

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