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Obamacare to restrict mammograms by age

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Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:29 pm

I, too, do not want to prolong the discussion about Obamacare, as I’ve stated my views clearly and thoroughly in former letters in response to Esther Confino’s letters.  

However, in the 9/21/12 issue of the paper, Ms. Confino stated that “as Obamacare matures and is modified as problems are corrected, its advantages will be understood....” 

There are others who believe this as well. I feel compelled to respond to this. 

As a matter of information, all I have to say about Obamacare “maturing” is that:  under this law, as presently stated, although mammogram screenings are recommended annually after age 40, effective 2013, doctors are forbidden to recommend them to women 74 years or over, or they will risk fines and be put in jail.  That would mean approx. 800,000 specialists would be violating the guidelines of the American Cancer Society, and also violating their Hippocratic oath. I know of doctors who are willing to stop practicing medicine rather than to violate their oath.  

In other words, effective 2013, under Obamacare, women 74 years of age or over, whether they want a mammogram or not, would only be able to have one if they paid out of their own pocket.  That should be troublesome to all women, and it is to me as a senior, and as a breast cancer survivor.  

Congress never read the bill before the president signed it.  This is a massive bill and unconscionable to not have read it, but passed it, regardless.  

So much for, “let’s pass the [3,000 page] bill so we can see what’s in it” as these gems of information unravel over the years - much to our surprise and dismay.  I would say this is important information to have before casting one’s vote on Nov. 6.


Rosanne T. Spinner

New Hyde Park

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