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Notes on ‘Obamacare’ and armchair generals

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Posted: Monday, November 5, 2012 2:44 pm

There has been a plethora of letters relating to the up-coming elections; indeed some writers’ names appear so often that one wonders if they are not  really stringers. Nevertheless, a number of issues require the rebuttal  formidable.

First is Obama’s health bill. I have no doubt that the critics are sitting very comfortably in their armchairs, well covered by insurance. But  what of those who have no insurance? They should continue to do without? I  mean it would be a shame for the insurance companies’ profits to drop. 

As to government intereference between doctors and patients, quite a number of Republican-governed states have passed laws criminalizing abortions, and  doctors performing them can be jailed. If this is not a blatant example of government intrusion between patients and their doctors then what is? With regard to “socialized medicine” I recently had a knee injury in Copenhagen,  Denmark. People in the street arranged for me to get to a (university)  hospital. 

I was ushered into a bright, clean room, was seen by the doctor, X-rayed and treated, all in under two hours. The cost for this? Not one cent! Contrast this with any visitor seen in our hospitals. They would be liable to be asked for $1,500 up front, and then have the dubious pleasure  of waiting 4-8 hours, before being seen.

Then the economy. If anyone has been reading the news (even in the Wall  Street Journal) they will have noted that the economy has expanded now by 2 percent, not great but a sign of the times, houses and cars are being sold in increasing numbers, and unemployment has finally dipped below 8 percent. 

Incidentally, the dollar has risen relative to the euro, hindering our exports. One is reminded of the old adsage “the best way to make a small  fortune is to inherit a large one.” 

President Clinton left one of the  largest surpluses ever in 2000, which Bush then proceeded to squander, after eight years dumping Obama with one of the biggest deficits ever. And we are now to vote for this same policy?!

Finally foreign affairs. The armchair generals are all shouting for attack on Iran. After all the brave lives our troops have lost , to say  nothing of huge sums of money, in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are now to embark on a third war in Iran? I hope these critics will be the first ones to lead  the charge. 

And, in closing, for those concerned with the apparent lack of  support for Israel, I would advise them to read the contrary view by Efraim Halevy, ex-director of Mossad, “Who threw Israel under the bus?” in the New  York Times of October 24, 2012.


J. Marcus

Great Neck

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