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World Trade Center

Posted: Thursday, September 8, 2011 9:48 am

On the set of Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” in 2006 are (l to r) Will Jimeno, actors Michael Shannon and

Stephen Dorff, and Scott Strauss.

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Posted 8 hours ago by Cicero.

article: Haber calls for debate on women’s issues

How can they "seek control" of the district? They are seeking to represent it in the NYS senate, not mount a coup. No editors here?


Posted 8 hours ago by Cicero.

article: Haber touts biz skills in Senate bid

Gained "notoriety?" What did he do wrong? What made him notorious? He gained recognition or maybe a strong but losing primary vote, but certainly not "notoriety." Can't believe t…


Posted 2 days ago by William Jones.

article: Are gas prices really that high?

Every now and then, gas price is always on the height since this is a big cost for our daily living. The continuous gas prices is really a pain in our pocket. Since the economic slowdown, and with ri…